Finding Ways To Keep Up With Counseling

Marriage Counseling: Does it Work?

When you are to Google marriage counseling, you will find a lot of sites that simply claims that it is a waste of money and time while self-help programs are also telling you that you do not need counseling of you simply buy their program as well as other therapist sites who are very eager for you to come to them.

With the growing number of information on the internet, it has become very confusing most of the time, but if you are really looking for an information then it will be the most important part of your life right now. The last thing that you will need right now I to think about something else.

Things you need to answer before deciding on whether marriage counseling is right for you.
The Best Advice About Therapists I’ve Ever Written

Does marriage counseling works?
Do I have the money for it?
What Research About Counseling Can Teach You

Is it worth saving?
There are a lot of marriages today that are in trouble and because of this, couples therapy has become a booming business and at the end of the day most of these couples still ends up in divorce. A lot of couples today simply gets divorced without seeking the help of a marriage therapist. Due to the growing number of couples today who do not seek the help, most often the marriage therapist will also work on other areas such as the mental health but do not do much on the marriage counseling.

Couples who seek the help of a therapist are doing this as their last resort before they get a divorce. When the marriage is in trouble, it is only one person who is trying to work things out. Since marriage can be emotionally stressful, it is found out that 75%of the distressed marriages has significantly improved after the counseling. And for those couples who really wants to work together and engaged in the process, the effectiveness of the counseling rises to 90%.

If you are thinking for seeking marriage counseling, the price range is from $75 an hour and could reach as much as $200 an hour. For the therapy to be very effective, the couples have to do the therapy once every week for 8 to 12 weeks. If you are not quite good at math, then you are looking at $600 to $2400 on your bill. In reality, you are going to spend around $1200.

When you are getting a divorce then you have to expect that the amount that you paid for the therapy is not enough to get your divorced processed. It is very important that you do not only have to think about the emotional cost when you are going to stay in an unhappy marriage, the emotional cost of having divorce but also on your partner, you kids, your family and your friends.

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